Wednesday, 30 January 2008

43m Long Scaffold Bridge is BIG SUCCESS

Hello everyone,

Last night; Tuesday 29th Feb myself and Alwyn went to see the final lift of the 43m (141ft) scaffold bridge spanning over the A639 in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

The scheme has been ongoing for a month or so now a
fter the original works were postponed in 2007. The Scaffold bridge was built off site by SYS (scaffolding) after being designed for May Gurney Rail by Alwyn Richards Temporary Works Design. The bridge was transported from the SYS yard in sections and fixed together at the side of the road by SYS before being craned into position last night. Scaffold towers support the structure at either end and overall stability is maintained by a cast concrete base. The bridge itself weighs around 72kN (7.2t) and is designed to carry railway cabling and a service load for access.

The whole process was a spectacular event, especially at night under floodlights with the road closed and one which required the full cooperation of May Gurney, SYS, Ainscough Crane Services and ourselves. Well done everyone.

The first photo shows the bridge during the lifting process and the second once the bridge had been located on the supporting towers.

More photographs and detail will follow on our website shortly.

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