Friday, 4 January 2008

Holiday Photos

If you went on holiday over Xmas I hope you had a great time, however, did you return with photos of scaffolding? Emmmm...


Bill said...

I collect photos of scaffolds. Today I was looking at one where the connection to wall rings was through a stub cantilever off a putlog. I am almost certain the putlog was just held in the wrap over clamps which are only good enough to provide secure location. There was a right angle coupler on the end and a 300mm cantilver to the wall ring with only about 40mm projecting through.

I feel sure that these connections should be to a tube held firmly at both ends, not to a cantilever.

I have no responsiblity for scaffolds. I am just a structural engineer who can't close his eyes when he walks around.

Ben Beaumont said...

Bill, Your gut instinct is probably right - If it doesn't look right, chances are its not!

All tie connections should be made with load bearing couplers. In putlog scaffolds you obviously can't run a tie tube through two sets of standards but there should at least be a direct load path to the outside row of standards via the tie tube, a transom on LBC's or a brace.

Personally Im not a fan of putlog. I just don't feel comfortable with the structural integrity under loading, especially under heavy loading if brickwork piles up on the working platform.

I would suggest that you get a competent person to inspect the scaffold to check everything is on order.


Bill said...

Do you want some photos? Can't immediately see how to load them.


Ben Beaumont said...


We'd like to see any interesting photos you may have and that we can share on this blog.

You will have to email them to me at and we will post them seperately.

If you have locations and dates of where they were taken also that would be great.