Friday, 4 January 2008

Post-holiday blues

Well, it's back to work after a great Christmas. Happy New Year to one & all! (Truth be told I'm suffering from post-holiday blues & just doing my best to sound cheerful...)

However, entering into the spirit of this new ineractive blog site, I thought I would share some of my holiday snaps with you!

The first one was of a good-looking job on Matthias Church, on Castle Hill in Budapest (the one behind the Fishermans Bastion overlooking the Danube). The base of the structure consists of structural steel towers supporting UB bridges that form a base for the tube & fitting scaffold. It's face braced every bay full height, double standards full height, and plan braced every lift - hence (I think) no ledger bracing. Couldn't get close enough to pick out the ties. Tidy job though!

Second one (& this form of timber loading platform was quite common) in another area of Budapest. Note system scaffold punched off at rear. These loading platforms were very substantial & well constructed - not like some of the stuff you see in Spain etc!

Needless to say I have been labelled a "sad b*****d" for taking 'photo's of scaffolding whilst on holiday - but I bet I'm not the only one!

Cheers for now,



GW said...

Hi Guys, Great scaffolding pics in Budapest, looks like you had a WAIL of a time.

I checked out your website and have to say it the best I've seen, it must have cost you an arm and a leg...

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you offer a design service in Budapest?

Alwyn said...

Yes - V.V.Expensive - but I suppose if you want the best you gotta pay for it.

alwyn said...

Yeah - but whatever the size of the job it will definitely need a site visit - (only joking.. email us some details, let's have a look..)